Ares Time Zone System

In the absence of an official time zone standard for use on Mars, Ares Astronautics has come up with a solution. Based upon the MTC standard, The Arean time zone system consists of 24 evenly spaced time zones, each 15° in longitude representing 1 hour intervals spanning from MTC-11 to MTC+12.

Utilising the names of the USGS formulated Martian Quadrangles along the northern side of the equatorial region of Mars (namely, regions MC-08 through to MC-15), the Aerean time zone system consists of 8 major regions. This method was chosen because each of these 8 quadrangles are 45° in width longitudinally. Therefore, by dividing each of these regions into three 15° wide timezones (Western, Central and Eastern), this allows for exactly 24 evenly spaced time zones with a neat naming convention.

While the southern side of the equatorial region of Mars also consists of 8 quadrangles (namely, regions MC-16 to MC-23), each 45° in width longitudinally, the relevant familiarity of the names used was much arguably much lower than those of the northern side, hence the northern side was chosen.

Although the Martian Quadrangles start from a longitude of 0°, in keeping with the UTC time zone standards implemented on Earth, each of the Arean timezones is offset by -7.5° longitudinally, thus placing the location of the MTC offset in the middle of the time zone rather than along its western edge.

The proposed time zone system is as follows:

Abbreviation Name MTC Longitude
WAT Western Amazonian Time -11 -172.5° to -157.5°
CAT Central Amazonian Time -10 -157.5° to -142.5°
EAT Eastern Amazonian Time -9 -142.5° to -127.5°
WTT Western Tharsic Time -8 -127.5° to -112.5°
CTT Central Tharsic Time -7 -112.5° to -97.5°
ETT Eastern Tharsic Time -6 -97.5° to -82.5°
WLT Western Lunar Time -5 -82.5° to -67.5°
CLT Central Lunar Time -4 -67.5° to -52.5°
ELT Eastern Lunar Time -3 -52.5° to -37.5°
WOT Western Oxian Time -2 -37.5° to -22.5°
COT Central Oxian Time -1 -22.5° to -7.5°
EOT/AMT Eastern Oxian Time/Airy Mean Time 0 -7.5° to 7.5°
WRT Western Arabian Time +1 7.5° to 22.5°
CRT Central Arabian Time +2 22.5° to 37.5°
ERT Eastern Arabian Time +3 37.5° to 52.5°
WST Western Syrtic Time +4 52.5° to 67.5°
CST Central Syrtic Time +5 67.5° to 82.5°
EST Eastern Syrtic Time +6 82.5° to 97.5°
WMT Western Amenthean Time +7 97.5° to 112.5°
CMT Central Amenthean Time +8 112.5° to 127.5°
EMT Eastern Amenthean Time +9 127.5° to 142.5°
WET Western Elysian Time +10 142.5° to 157.5°
CET Central Elysian Time +11 157.5° to 172.5°
EET Eastern Elysian Time +12 172.5° to -172.5°

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