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We are a team of highly driven individuals championing the cause of the human exploration of the red planet through engineering an innovation. Our missions it to create and develop technologies that will enable the establishment of human civilisations on other worlds within our lifetime.

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UTC to MTC Conversion in Excel

When it comes to manipulating data on Mars, one of the most difficult problems that we often come into is the inconsistencies in timekeeping standards in NASA’s data. Perhaps the most difficult of these is converting between UTC and MTC timers in order to calculate the significance of certain types of data such as temperature […]

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Ares Time Zone System

In the absence of an official time zone standard for use on Mars, Ares Astronautics has come up with a solution. Based upon the MTC standard, The Arean time zone system consists of 24 evenly spaced time zones, each 15° in longitude representing 1 hour intervals spanning from MTC-11 to MTC+12.

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Dean Little

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